A Note from our Recruitment Chair

Dear Potential New Member of Delta Zeta,

My name is Michelle Perley and I am honored and privileged to serve as the Delta Zeta Vice President of Membership. I cannot express the joy and excitement I feel when I begin to think about meeting you all during Fall Formal Recruitment. 

The anticipated week of Recruitment is all about you. I can assure you that the members of the Beta Xi chapter have been hard at work preparing for your arrival. The six founders of our sorority began Delta Zeta based on values of sisterly love and friendship, academics, philanthropy and service, and the promotion of excellent character. Sincerely, the members of this chapter look forward to exemplifying these pillars of our sorority to you.

I hope that you are excited to find your “home,” here in Delta Zeta, just as I did only a short time ago. I was drawn to this amazing chapter by the radiating joy from the members, the tradition upheld throughout the week, connecting with girls from all over the country, and the honest love for their chapter and sisters that each of my hostesses displayed. 

My sisters and I can’t wait to meet you and wish you all the best of luck during Recruitment!

War Eagle,
Michelle Perley, Vice President of Membership


2018 Recruitment Schedule

August 6: Sorority Move-In Day
August 10: Potential New Members Move-In
August 11: Ice Water Tea’s (Day 1)
August 12: Ice Water Tea’s (Day 2)
August 13: Philanthropy (Day 1)
August 14: Philanthropy (Day 2)
August 15: Sisterhood Day
August 16: Preference Day
August 17: BID DAY

Letters of Recommendation

Delta Zeta

c/o Panhellenic

1115 AU Student Center

255 Heisman Drive

Auburn, AL 36849

*Potential New Members needing a recommendation letter may contact a Delta Zeta alumnae or contact their local Area Panhellenic council. Alumna should log into their account, select "Join" and "Recommend a Member" to find the online submission form and printable forms.


Meet our New Member Educator!

The Mama Turtle is the Vice President of New Member Education. She prepares our New Members for initiation by teaching them Delta Zeta history, our creed, rituals, values, and general processes. This year, the Pledge Class of 2018's New Member Educator is Kelly Mordecai.

Why did you decide to become the NME? 

Last year I came into Delta Zeta as an out-of-state student who didn’t know a soul at Auburn. My New Member Educator made such an impact on me and helped me find my way here, and I want to be that for girls that come in next year. I want to love on them and show them how much they will be cared for by not only me but my entire sorority.

What are you most excited for during your term?

I’m so excited to get to know each and every one of them that comes into our next pledge class. I already have so many ideas of things to do! I want to get lunch with them weekly and have dance parties in our meetings and have movie nights together in my room. I am someone who loves surprises, so there will definitely be a lot of surprises in store for my girls while I’m their New Member Educator!

What is your favorite thing about Detla Zeta?

I love how unique each and every girl is in DZ. It’s so inviting because everyone is 100% authentic and true to themselves. We all mesh together so well; there aren’t any defined cliques. I’ll never forget this past Bid Day we were waiting for our new pledge class to run home, and someone was playing music over the speakers in our chapter room. A bunch of us got up and started dancing like maniacs. We made a huge circle and whoever got in the middle danced their heart out and we would just cheer them on (with what little left of a voice we had). I’m pretty sure I broke out the sprinkler when I was up to dance in the middle. Total Mom move.

What do you want the Potential New Members to know before Fall Formal Recruitment?

Keep an open mind! Form your own opinions about each sorority you visit, and you will be able to easily distinguish which sorority would feel like home. Have fun with the week too, this week is all about you and how we can serve you best to find your home. Ask all the questions in the world. I was so intimidated coming into recruitment, but I wish I had realized how nervous the girls in the sororities are too! We want to make the best impression on each PNM, so we’re freaking out just as much as you are. We’re so excited to meet each and every one of you, and I hope that you will find your home in Delta Zeta with me and my 200+ closest pals (who happen to also be my most loyal instagram followers, quick shoutout to y’all).

  Bid Day 2017

Bid Day 2017